Shift'em Mania update

Shift'em Mania game has been updated. A lot of the internal things were reworked since the first public release. The latest update features significant perfomance improvement due to multiple optimizations. Game is now up to 30% faster and that will be noticeable on the older machines where the game will run smoother at higher fps. This version also features new sound track and improved graphics and effects.


Shift Em Mania 1.0.30.apk (Android package) 28 MB
Sep 19, 2018
Shift-Em-Mania-Setup-1.0.12.exe (Windows installer) 23 MB
Sep 19, 2018 (Windows portable) 22 MB
Sep 19, 2018 (Windows XP compatible) 22 MB
Sep 19, 2018

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